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Butcher block cutting boards


TITAN's bring powerful utility to the kitchen. Assembled with food-safe glues to bond our prime kiln-dried lumber, we deliver a product that is built to last. TITAN Butcher Blocks are resilient and provide an exceptional cutting surface all knives deserve.


Each block is made from hand selected, sustainable Appalachian hardwoods. By focusing on responsible forestry practices and proper timber harvesting, we aim to positively affect the growth and sustainability of forest ecosystems. Learn More ›


Our team has more than 30 years of experience crafting quality products for home and business owners. We hope to provide value for our customers by pouring our heart and soul into every project, big or small. TITAN’s #1 goal is to deliver quality wood cutting boards that are made to be treasured for a lifetime.


TITAN Butcher Blocks are proudly designed, manufactured and packaged in Ohio, USA. We take pride in our rolling hills, tranquil scenery and a vibrant food scene. We are committed to advancing creative culture and supporting small businesses in our region. #madeinohio


TITAN is deeply committed to responsible business practices and promoting wood as a renewable resource. Our Lumber is sourced locally and provides a positive economic impact in Central Ohio. Our partners follow responsible forestry practices and proper timber harvesting techniques to maintain the integrity and growth of local forests.
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Eliminating Landfills by Using 100% of Wood Byproducts

  • Sawdust is used in boilers as fuel to heat kilns and buildings, dramatically reducing energy demands for oil and gas
  • Bark is ground up and sold as bark mulch
  • Wood chips are sold to paper mills for paper production

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“When it comes to food, I love finding unique ingredients. The same applies to my relationship with TITAN”

Lisa Delgado, Executive Chef, Cleveland, OH

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"Either as a show piece for demonstrations or right at home, my TITAN goes everywhere I go."

Chef Dick, Executive Chef, Akron, OH

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“I only use products that exemplify true craftsmanship. TITAN Butcher Blocks marry expert design with style and functionality.”

Gina Clarke, Executive Chef, Malibu, CA

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“TITAN is the best built and the most durable block out there!”

Douglas Walls, Executive Chef, Black Mountain, NC

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"Food is love; Collaborating with quality and craftsmanship is my goal. I want my grandkids to have TITAN blocks."

Kurt Halls, Caribeque Seasoning & Rub Co, Lutz, FL

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“Perfect size and finish. Attention to detail that shows TITAN blocks are made with chefs in mind.”

Chris Campbell, Campbell’s BBQ Co, Augusta, GA

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