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About Us

We believe in our customers and support their need to express beauty through food. Let our products be a blank canvas for those creations. 

Why the TITAN Name?

In Greek mythology, Titans and Titanesses were considered beings of incredible strength and importance. We believe our wood cutting boards can be an important tool in your kitchen and strong enough to go the distance for your culinary creations. Our intent is to provide our customers with exceptional cutting surfaces and the right care products so they can enjoy their TITAN for years to come.


Our Story

Based in North Canton, OH, our studio, 34 Orange was born in 2010 by founders Cory, Matt, Jesse and Art. The goal was simple: be different. From day one, our focus has been building one-of-a-kind items with an unmatched sense of attention to detail and quality. The determination to always learn from past mistakes and improve our craft allowed us to grow in ways we didn’t think were possible. Our team is growing each year, and it’s all because we have the same passions and goals. Deliver a premium experience that people need and want.

Cory Shoaf Co-Founder
Matthew Elsey Co-Founder
Jesse Jones Co-Founder
Arthur Hopwood Co-Founder
Nicholas Moran Director of Sales
Gerry Fey Shop Manager


“We want our customers to have an unparalleled experience with our products. The history and the story that is told through the lumber. The feeling that there is nothing else on earth exactly the same. And most importantly, it’s going to do exactly the job it needs to do, day in and day out.”

- Matthew Elsey, Co-Founder