Build Your Own TITAN

Interested in customizing a TITAN Butcher Block to custom fit your kitchen? Request a quote by filling out this simple form below. 

We can accommodate almost any size and thickness you desire. Our team will be in touch within 24 hours of submission. More information may be needed to calculate a proper quote.

If you would like to move forward with your quote, we will provide you with instructions on how to pay for your order. Currently, all custom ordered TITAN Butcher Blocks ship 2 to 3 weeks after order is placed.

We also offer personalized engraving services. Engravings will add 1 week to lead time.


Contact Information

Type, Size and Custom Options

Hard Maple, Cherry, Walnut

This is the species of lumber we will use for your TITAN. We offer Hard Maple, Cherry & Walnut.

Edge Grain, End Grain

This is the grain aesthetic for your cutting surface. Learn more about edge and end grain butcher blocks.

Thickness of Butcher Block
Legnth of Butcher Block
Width of Butcher Block

Branded TITAN logo

Would you like to keep the branded TITAN logo on your custom block? (By selecting "NO", our logo will not be included on your block)

Juice Groove

A Juice groove is a channel cut into the top of the block that collects extra juices from spilling on your work surface.

Rubber Feet

Rubber feet keep your block from sliding on your work surface. (Rubber feet lift stance of block .25" off work surface)

Any other details you would like make mention of or add to this request, feel free to do it here.