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We know you want the best out of your wood kitchenware. Here are some helpful topics on how to get the most of your TITAN Butcher Blocks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still need a few answers? Here are some common questions relating to TITAN's products and services. Alternatively, you may email us at if you have any other questions or concerns.

How long are these butcher blocks supposed to last?

Our wood cutting boards are constructed with only the best food-safe wood glues and kiln-dried hardwoods. These hardwoods are precisely void of excess moisture which allows for optimal adaptation to the climate around the finished cutting board. The formula is simple. If regularly oiled and maintained, our TITAN wood butcher blocks should and will last you a very long time. Wood is a natural material that will live and breath based on how it is treated. Excessive dryness and moisture will hurt your cutting board's performance and eventually, it will break down. Learn more about getting the most out of your wood kitchenware and TITAN care guidelines here.

Can I put my TITAN in the dishwasher? 

No. This will void your warranty and ultimately damage your block. 

How should I store my TITAN Butcher Block? 

If your TITAN is damp or has just been washed, stand on end so that it may dry evenly. If already dry, you may store it flat and away from extreme temperatures. 

Do I need to oil my TITAN after each use? 

No, this is not necessary. Please be sure to wash your block after each use with soap and water. A simple ground rule is to pay attention to the color of the block. If it starts to look faded or dull, it is time to oil. Learn more about care and maintenance for your TITAN here.

I have used my TITAN often. Can I sand my cutting surface down to fix or minimize cut marks?

Although not required, sanding your cutting surface can greatly improve the look of your TITAN after heavy usage. We recommend using 180 to 220 grit sand paper. Just be sure to oil after sanding! 

Will my TITAN stain or be discolored after used with certain foods? 

Sometimes your block can become stained after cutting certain foods. Normally, if your board is properly washed, oiled and cared for, stains will be less prevalent. If you do see some persistent staining, use table salt (or kosher salt) with a damp towel and rub the stained area. The salt will absorb most of the problematic spots. For deep stains that just will not go away, you may use some fine grit sand paper (180 or 220 grit) and sand the problematic area. Once your done sanding, be sure to oil your TITAN to complete the process.  

My TITAN was damaged from shipping, what do I do!? 

No need to panic! We have you covered on all damages that might have occurred during shipment. Contact to let us know what happened. Please document any and all damage and take photographs. Repackage your TITAN in the original packaging and use the pre-paid shipping label included in your box. Drop it off at your nearest FedEx shipping location and we will handle the rest. Learn more about our shipping and return policies here.